Doral Village - A Park You Can Call Home

Doral Village is a 69 acre resident owned community with 527 home lots filled with large trees and subtropical plants. Our streets wind and weave throughout our village giving us a unique landscape to enjoy. Some of our homeowners have beautiful varieties of orchids and Hawaiian pulminaria.

Our creek ambles between homes and is visited by Florida bird life including egrits, blue herons, storks, spoon bills, roving flocks of ibis, osprey woodpeckers and more. This past fall we were visited by a pair of eagles.

Many of our residents enjoy biking, jogging, rollerblading, or walking around our village. The outside loop around our park is about 1.5 miles which provides for a good evening or morning walk. If the spirit moves you, enjoy a golf cart ride around the village visiting neighbors and make new friends.

Come and enjoy the beauty of Doral and our active lifestyle.