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Rates Your Choices of Living in Doral

You have the choice of four options for home ownership in Doral 

Two Choices:

Purchase from a selection of resale homes with or without a membership certificate*

 Two Choices:

Purchase a new home in Doral with or without a membership certificate*

 *Owning a membership certificate - A Form of Property Ownership in Doral

Doral Village is a "cooperative" which is a common method of property ownership in resident owned mobile home parks in Florida. A cooperative involves resident members (membership certificate holders) owning a membership certificate in the corporation. Approximately 55% of the resident homeowners in Doral own membership certificates. The balance of the residents are "homeowner/tenants" who own their own home, do not own a membership certificate and rent the lot from the cooperative.

Membership certificate holders have a an ownership stake in the cooperative, are entitled to vote on cooperative issues and can hold office, if elected, in the cooperative board of directors. Homeowner/tenants do not have an ownership interest in the park, cannot vote on cooperative issues, and cannot be elected to the cooperative. Membership certificate holders pay a lower monthly fee than homeowner/tenants. A comparison of the shareholder and homeowner/tenant fees and entitlements is listed below:

    Membership Certificate Holder Homeowner/Tenant
  Monthly Fee (as of 1/1/16) $180.00 $500.00
  Property taxes based on property value

Included in above fee

  Vote on park issues Yes No
  Hold office in Cooperative Yes No
  Share of park assets Yes No

Monthly Fee Includes:

Whether you are a membership certificate holder or a Homeowner/Tenant the monthly fee includes:

-          Water, sewer

-          Twice a week garbage collection

-          Lawn maintenance

-          WOW basic cable

-          The use of all park amenities such as pool, clubhouse, shuffleboard, etc.


 Important: Most other mobile home parks do not include all of the above amenities and features listed above in their monthly fee. When comparing parks make sure you find out what is included in the monthly fee and what you may have to pay for separately.