Pet Section Rules
Doral has a designated pet section which includes approximately 125 homes including empty lots available for new homes. Doral tries to accommodate the needs of pet owners. The rules concerning pets allows pet owners to enjoy the companionship that a pet provides and also provides for the desires of non-pet owners.

The rules for pet ownership in the pet section in Doral are:

Pets are limited to two per home and shall not weigh more than twenty pounds or be more than sixteen inches in height.

Pets cannot be tied unattended outside and must be on a leash when walking the pet.  Pet owners must use a suitable container to pick up and properly dispose of pet litter. Dog houses or fenced in areas to house pets are not allowed. Pets must be kept inside the home at night.

Pets in the non-pet section:

Cats are to be INDOOR cats, no cats are allowed to run loose.

Indoor cats are allowed in the non-pet section. Dogs are not allowed in the non-pet section - this includes visitors who have dogs.